Who is Dr. Moshe Kantor?

There is no way any of us can rise above the odds of life unless we rely on our personal drive to propel us. Based on how prepared we are to face the challenges of life, our inner drive can work for us or against us. More often than not, whenever people come face to face with the challenges of life, they opt for the easier choice of shrinking back and let the course of nature take control of their lives.

But are there individuals who in such adversities faced the issues head-on and conquered the odds? Dr. Moshe Kantor falls in that crop of individuals. We need to examine the struggles he underwent to become the person he is today. We will also see what benefits arose from his struggles.

Dr. Kantor was born at a critical time in the history of the world where the vestiges of world war II were still a commonplace. The clutches of the world cold war were also being tightened at around that time. The entire population of the East was forlorn following these unprecedented happenings. Dr. Kantor, however, chose to be different and he thus rose from those hopeless ash piles and steered himself on. Owing to his incessant struggles that he portrayed in those days, Dr. Kantor is now someone the world cannot ignore.

The other struggle that Dr. Kantor had to overcome was the reformations in the Jewish world. This, coupled with the demoralization of the world war II left the Jewish nation entirely helpless. Dr. Kantor, in the face of all this, chose to advocate for the right treatment of the Jewish people. This resulted into the world acknowledging him as a voice for the discriminated people of the world.

The other accomplishment of Dr. Kantor is his fight for the world peace by his strong stand in condemning the evils of terrorism and the use of nuclear weapons. This has had the effect of proving to the peoples of the world that the human life is sacred and should be protected by all.

Acts of inhumanity such as terrorism and use of fatal weapons usually lead to destruction of much human life as well as property and should thus never be tolerated by anyone. These atrocious activities are never to be condoned by any people since they go against the dictates of all religions where man is viewed as the custodian of the universe. These are some of the lessons that Dr. Kantor tries to put across both in word and deed.

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