The Logos that Define the Hiphop Culture

The most well-known and prosperous brands on the planet these days depend on their logo as their primary representative. With time, logos can symbolize a lot more than simply the brand, the company, or even the product itself. It is unquestionably correct that logos will come to symbolize specific cultures, time periods, and trends. And this reality goes to all sorts of brand logos in shoes, gadgets, drinks, and yes music as well. The recognition and impact of rap music probably erupted on the late 80’s and early 90’s. Hiphop, as we all know, started from simply a neighborhood leisure activity of dancing and partying. Today, it has developed into a whole new culture and lifestyle, from style to vocabulary, and even from beats to business to politics. To a lot of hiphop groups and artists, it is necessary to make themselves standout, be different, and be identified from each other. And a great way to make an awesome representation is by owning an exceptional logo. Because of the ongoing influence of hiphop culture in the world to date, it is inevitable for some of these hiphop logos from the 1990’s to become very recognizable and iconic symbols.

Top on the list is the logo from one the most influential rap groups of all time, the N.W.A. Up until today, you can still see the instantly recognizable N.W.A. logo printed on caps, tshirts, jackets, bumper stickers, and many more. Members of the group have turn into music icons and some continue to be productive in the entertainment industry nowadays. Who haven’t heard of Ice Cube, or Easy E, or Dr. Dre?Who woudn’y recognize Ice Cube, or Easy E, or Dr. Dre? This group’s influential music, fashion, and attitude really is a symbol of hip hop and 90’s culture. A lot of aspiring hiphop artists look up to Dr. Dre in producing the best hiphop beats in the world today. For independent artists and songwriters on a budget though, try to check out Tellingbeatzz as they offer professional hip hop, soul and r&b instrumentals for sale.

The “W” logo of the rap group Wu-Tang Clan is another popular hiphop logo from the 90s. In fact, they even have their own clothing line called the Wu-Wear which displays the iconic “W”. As you can see it on everything from shirts and shoes to hats and phone cases, you might say that the logo’s popularity might have even surpassed the group’s. The musical group known as Public Enemy is identified more for revolution than fashion. Their logo which features a man in the crosshairs of a gun sight above the name of the group was constructed in 1980s. The group released limited-edition Public Enemy Collection sunglasses that have interchangeable arms in black and white, sporting the group’s logo, as well as a micro-fiber cloth that also features the group’s logo. Chuck D, a member of the group, explained that the crosshairs logo symbolized the black man in America which garners a political statement against racism.

Record labels also featured the best hiphop logos of the 90s. The logo of Rawkus Records shines as one of the best and most recognizable symbol in the hiphop world. The logo shows a black and white layout of a razor, revealing its literal edginess. Ultimately, Death Row Records which was established by Dr. Dre, Suge Knight, and the D.O.C. in 1991 has among the most legendary hiphop logo. Their logo exhibits an electric chair execution scene and one of the artists on their label is the legendary Tupac Shakur. The label is recognized for their extreme, hazardous, and zealous attitude vibes, the greatest hip hop beats of all time as outlined by Tellingbeatzz.

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