Finding a Good Painting Contractor for Your Home

Let’s face it, painters are not all well-reputed, and you don’t want the surprise of get ripped off when all you want is to improve your home. You know you have to be informed as a consumer, but where exactly do you begin? What do you consider when choosing a painting contractor?

Gather Prospects

There’s no shortage of resources for those who are looking for good painting contractors. Start by seeking recommendations from pals, relatives or colleagues. You can also visit your local Better Business Bureau website and read some consumer reviews at sites like Yelp or Angie’s List. In general, contractors who enjoy better reviews and higher ratings are more committed to quality work and client satisfaction.

Get Several Bids

It’s always smart to get more than one bid for the sake of making comparisons. Resist the urge of going with the cheapest prospect, by far the riskiest way to choose a contractor. But a bit of healthy competition is always good and it helps to keep prices in check.

Talking to the Candidates

Among the biggest reasons people are dissatisfied with their painting contractor is that they never knew what questions to ask before making their choice. Treat your first meeting with your prospects like a job interview. Well, they are literally interviewing for your project so don’t hesitate to ask questions, even if they tend to be tough. If you want to know more about your potential contractor, you need to do it before, not after, you hire them. Not asking at all could be the worst mistake you’ll make as far as the project is concerned.

If you’re not asking the right questions, your decision will be mainly based on price. But bear in mind that you’re not looking for the cheapest price. You’re trying to find a painting contractor you’re sure will provide high-quality work and the best value for your cash.

Checking References

Your closing act of due diligence when finding a good painting contractor is to seek references. Any contractor worth their salt will prepare a full list of references that they can provide so you yourself can assess the quality of their work.

After all, no one can tell you better about your prospects’ abilities than those who have hired them before. Again, you need to ask the right questions, and end with “Would you hire the painter for a future job?”. Their answer to that final question will be the most revealing. Now you can decide with confidence.

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