Everything About Gourmet Coffee

Many have misconception that coffee beans are actually beans but in reality, it is seeds extracted from coffee plants. In reality, there are many different ways to extract the coffee beans whether by making use of dry or wet process because in the end, the seed will be extracted from the fruits. If you want a coffee that has high grade, superior taste and with less caffeine content compared to others, go for Arabica gourmet coffee. Not only that, this has a way better aroma.

You are going to find virtually any flavor for gourmet coffee that you like similar to almond, French vanilla, peppermint, chocolate, Swiss mocha, vanilla, pumpkin spice, chocolate mint, amaretto and so on. Gourmet coffee also comes in both decaffeinated and caffeinated. Also, there are gourmet coffee for those who have sensitive stomach which are low in acid.

In order for a person to appreciate a cup of their gourmet coffee, it is wise to know some info about it. If you have knowledge of not just the basic, it can help to appreciate the taste a lot better but this doesn’t indicate that you should be an expert to it. Aside from that, this helps you to appreciate the smell of the gourmet coffee.

To enjoy the true flavor of gourmet coffee, it should be fresh. Moreover, buy roasted beans that are pure Arabica coffee and in the last week of the month. Avoid making purchase from local grocery stores or even supermarkets as these are not the best place you want to be because the beans are roasted 3 months earlier before it reach the store shelves. Buy a coffee grinding machine and buy the whole coffee bean instead so you know that they are fresh.

Try not to store the gourmet coffee beans at a room temperature since the proper way of its storage is in an airtight container and be placed in the fridge especially if you’re using them soon. For gourmet coffee that you intend to use after some time, you have to put them in airtight container inside the freezer.

Be sure that your coffee maker is clean as it makes a big difference in the coffee’s taste. Run vinegar as well as water through your coffee maker at least once a month and make sure that you are using clean water only to remove the smell and the vinegar. When you are making gourmet coffee, use at least 2 heaping tablespoons per 6oz of filtered, clean water. It makes a difference to buy your gourmet coffee beans from established and reputable companies.

Since the 90’s, gourmet coffee keeps gaining popularity and now, it’s among the fastest growing market worldwide.

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