Flea and Tick Treatment: Keeping Your Pet Comfortable

Fleas and ticks are predators that silently harm your pet and eventually your budget. This is where a flea and tick treatment is necessary to save your pet from the battle with the said parasites. Spring is a season that you should welcome but something unwelcoming about it is the fact that it bring along with it the flea. These minute canine pests are carriers of tapeworms and are very common. Thus, they cause allergy and severe itching to your dog. Aside from fleas, you also have to watch out for blood suckers known as ticks. Ticks come in various kinds and pose danger to their host. Both fleas and ticks survive by feeding on mammal blood and these have to be dealt with the soonest time possible. In order to curb the problem, it is best to prevent it.

Babesiosis, ehrlichiosis, skin irritation, anemia, lyme, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, allergies and in some instances even death are some of the troubles these fleas and ticks cause on pets. In this case, flea and tick treatment should be given serious attention. The first move then is to run your own physical check-up on your pet if it is being infested by either fleas or ticks or both. When you have discovered that your poor pet is being pestered by fleas and ticks, you should not worry since there are many ways to eradicate those pests. Nowadays, there are numerous products that you can buy, some of which destroy the parasites while some just repel them.

Products are in two kinds: natural and chemical. The following are recommended flea and tick treatment to help you out with your dilemma:

1. External parasites can be dabbed with alcohol with the use of a cotton ball. This can negatively affect the fleas, slowing them down so it is easier for you to catch and kill them. Next, drowning the fleas in a cup of water is your sweet revenge. Such cup has to be emptied into the toilet and flushed immediately before your tiny enemies can escape.

2. Ticks can be subdued when you apply liquid soap on your pet. It is not easily to end the life of a tick so you can do a few things to do so and these include wrapping it in a tissue then flushing it or drowning it in alcohol.

There are flea and ticks shampoos and sprays that you can use.

4. Use tick scoop or tweezers to manually catch and pull the tick. Make sure that when doing so, the whole tick is being removed.

5. Consider dipping your pet in pyrethrin dip since it has a residual effect and is less toxic. Treat the house, too. Many people have tried this procedure and find it effective in flea and tick eradication.

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