De Bruin Law Firm: What If You Were Charged a DUI for the First Time

First time offenders in most states are categorized as a misdemeanor, but you should not underestimate the possible consequences of a DUI arrest or DUI conviction. When you are charged with a DUI, it is essential to know how to handle yourself, face the arresting officer, and the nature and consequences of a DUI case. Many of us think that a person will only get probation for the first time DUI. Probation are usually given to first time DUI offenders, but spending time on jail may still be ordered by the court as a condition.

So what will you expect if you’re charged or arrested with DUI? In general, the first DUI charge is punishable by license suspension, fine, community service, and probation. There are some factors that may affect the nature or level of the charge which can result in enhanced penalties or sentences. For instance, you were caught drunk while driving, and you have a child with you, your charge may be elevated to a felony case even this is your first time offense. There is also an administrative element involved in a DUI charge, wherein some states suspend driver’s license if an individual refuses to provide a breath test. If your driver’s license is suspended but you still drive and got caught, you will pay more fines and new charges. Failure to comply installing a device called ignition interlock and paying up to $200 a month in some states may result in the revocation of bond and the offender will be sent back to jail. Even if you are a first time DUI offender, you need to face consequences in the long run. There is already a permanent record for every DUI offense even if the sentence was deferred or probated. The penalty and the next sentence will be aggravated if you are arrested the second time around. Having multiple charges of DUI can elevate the conviction to felony.

Bear in mind that your employment can be affected by a first-time DUI offense. Employers are very strict about hiring people with the criminal background even for misdemeanor offenses. You’ll be considered as a risk factor by your auto insurance company, and your car insurance rate will increase. Felony DUI cases may not be covered by a car insurance company so you’ll have to shoulder the cost on your own. Have you been arrested because of DUI? A DUI attorney can help you to lighten your DUI penalty or sentence to prevent long-term serious effects. With the help of our expert and experienced DUI lawyer, we can help you fight your rights and best interest to ensure that you know where you stand and how the sentence or penalty can be lessened.

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