How to Achieve that Smooth-Looking Aftershave Face

It takes some time patience and practice to be able to achieve a smooth-looking skin as shaving is not an easy process. There are things that are needed and should be prepared including the know hows of shaving. If done properly, the result will be a bump-free, smooth-looking skin.

If you have a planned day for shaving, make sure that you have prepared well. Irritation on the face is likely due to the person not prepared enough or is shaving with only a small time to spare. Preparations include having a clean or brand new razor, cleaning the face or skin before shaving and a post shaving procedure.

The right time to shave has been argued by some people. Dermatologists gave out a point that hair strands are relaxed after waking up and should be easier to shave, and there are people who believe it is true. Some people think that shaving in the evening will help the facial skin feel relaxed and heal throughout the night resulting a fresh morning face.It is advisable also to shave when the hair reaches to about an eighth inch length and avoid it getting thick and long which can be hard to cut. It somehow does not matter what time of the day you shave as long as you are well prepared and know how to do it properly.

An important tool to have for shaving is the razor.There are a lot of razors available in the market and choosing the right one depends on your budget. Types of razors include a single and multiple blades. The price of the razor will matter from the number of blades to its quality and its style.

Men can now find the best safety razors for beginners in the market and avoid cuts.

In the preparation process, the facial hair must be softened. In order to soften the hair, it should be washed with a warm water. Clean the face also with soap to get rid of dirt. Some shaving soaps have micro beads in them which can help open the pores and exfoliate the skin.

Another important thing to have when shaving is the shaving cream. The cream or gel will help make the hair warm, clustered and also helps the razor to glide well during shaving.

After preparing the tools and face, it is now time to shave. Firstly, you must know the direction of the hair because you are going to shave along with that direction. This done to make sure that the shaft of each hair follicle still falls in the direction of when it grows. If you shave in the opposite direction, the shaft pushes the skin causing the bump and leaving an abrasion to the skin if the razor passes over the bump.

The aftershave skin care is also an important part in the regimen. This step is important because it will make the skin moisturized, heal and remove bumps. It is advisable to use a product that has spf or green tea extract for a quicker healing time. A good aftershave toner for sensitive skin is one that has no alcohol content in it.

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