Chappaqua: Ultimate Guide to Proper Lawn Mowing and Irrigation

There are important factors to consider when it comes to lawn mowing and irrigation including irrigation equipment, maintenance schedule, climate, temperature, temperature, wind, grass types, soil type, and humidity. While there are guidelines when it comes to lawn mowing and irrigation, the best understanding still comes through learning and experience. The concepts and principles of proper lawn watering can be understood by knowing your lawn, the climatic conditions in your area, how the irrigation system works, and how your lawn reacts to weather, water, fertilizer, and drainage.

The most common lawn mowing and irrigation question i, “How often should a lawn be watered?”. This question is pretty easy to answer, you need to water your lawn when it needs it. If the grass does not bounce back, footprints show, and the grass appears blue-green, your lawn is thirst and needs watering. In fact, grass doesn’t really need daily or weekly watering. Thoroughly soak your lawn rather than just turning on the sprinklers providing some water. Visually inspect the grass if it is wilting, most especially in hot and dry weather. Flipping on the irrigation system or watering your lawn is needed if you notice your grass looks tired or gets limp. Perform a “soil moisture test”. Use a knife or blade and push it into the soil five to six inches to do the soil moisture test, and it is time to water when it comes out dry and shiny. When watering your lawn, soak the ground and soil up to six inches deep.

Light sprinkling only allow the roots of the grasses to only develop near the surface. Push the roots deeper and develop stronger roots by deep and thorough watering. By having a deeper root system, more nutrients and water are absorbed. Watering is necessary but avoid flooding your lawn. Don’t apply water too fast so it will not run off the grass. Only water as fast was the lawn can absorb. The important factors affecting the length of time your lawn needs to be watered include grass type, soil conditions, water, and the weather. A rooting system that runs deep, about 6 inches or more has a better and stronger foundation.

If you have no time to look after your lawn or you’re having problems within, you can always find a trusted, reputable, and reliable lawn mowing and irrigation installation services provider in Chappaqua. Feel free to visit our homepage or website now. It is our dedication and commitment to provide the best lawn mowing and irrigation services to our clients.

The Ultimate Guide to Services

The Ultimate Guide to Services

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